Chasing originality

Welcome to my blog, where I share my thoughts on fitness, career and sexuality/gender issues. You may have first read my work on LinkedIn, but if you want to get my posts first, follow me here.

Here are some excerpts from my recent posts. Check out the blog tab for more! 

“Foreigners want to come to the U.S. because we still have, or they perceive us to have, something they don’t. We have unmatched freedom of religion, speech and assembly, at least if you’re white. We have cleaner air than most industrial countries, for now. Our career opportunities are so desirable that immigrants will often give up their culture, status, higher pay, the comfort of living in a country that speaks their first language, and many other perks, just to move to the U.S. Or maybe it’s because we have Krispy Kreme Burgers. Either way, the life most Americans are born into is not one to be taken for granted, and not one to be gambled away on an uninformed or emotion-driven presidential vote.” — Forget the GOP or the DNC, the Arson Party won Super Tuesday


“Tell anyone in the U.S. that you’re moving to Denver, and they’ll say, “Ooooh man, that’s awesome!” Likewise with Seattle, or San Francisco or Austin or Portland — the response is almost always an enthusiastic, maybe even jealous, stamp of approval.

But tell them you’re moving to Milwaukee, or Minneapolis, or Buffalo, or Detroit, or Birmingham or any number of forgotten cities with less-than-ideal climates, and the best you can hope for is, “I’ve heard that city is surprisingly cool!” More often you’ll get a sarcastic, “Good luck!” with the advice to buy yourself a space suit since they’ve heard there’s no literally no atmosphere there.” — When cities tell their own worst stories


“Coworkers actually like to be involved in your life. I had a sense that any amount of sharing of personal details at work was oversharing. I kept my conversations with my coworkers to the mundane “how was your weekend?” types, rather than asking specific details about coworkers’ family members or personal goals. As I began to observe others around me sharing meaningful interactions, I noticed the difference, and began to ease up. Before I knew it, my bosses were teasing me about how to incorporate a “canoe full of PBR” into each of my weekend’s plans. — 5 ways “the real world” surprised me after graduation